Hi! I’m Karen Jørstad. I am a fine art and nature photographer living in Williamsburg Virginia.

I was born and raised in Michigan. I graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in Ann Arbor, where I met my husband. We have lived in Williamsburg since 1994 with our two children. I have always loved photographing my family’s events and adventures, and now I love capturing images both for clients and for my own private work. I am always searching for “just the right light” to capture and create an image that has it’s own voice. I believe that photography is not only about the subject but also about the feelings it stirs inside. I try to pay keen attention to detail and believe that every image has a story to be told. When you view my images I want you to feel as if there are actually there, and to connect emotionally with the moment. My images are intended to be a departure from life’s hectic pace, distractions and stresses and create an atmosphere of peace and wellness. Photography teaches me to stop and see beyond the agenda of the day and reminds me to appreciate the moment, to see the often obvious yet hidden beauty of life and to share that beauty. It’s about connecting with God’s creation and a way to creatively communicate His glory. Ultimately, the opportunity for great photography is wherever I find myself in the moment, and I am blessed to do what I love!

All images on this site are displayed in low resolution. Purchased images are printed in high resolution.